[ADJECTIVE]: related to the sense of hearinG / relating to an aura.
Aurale is a HOLISTIC marketing agency for music and social change.
WHAT WE (love to) DO

Release strategy

Release support

Fanbase growth

Spotify promotion

YouTube promotion

(And also...)

Funding applications
Event promotion
Artist management
Creative consulting and branding
Web3 & NFT project management

Listen to the artists we work(ed) with
Once a month, we gather at Workish Berlin for an evening of networking and music marketing, with a couple drinks.

Companies we've worked with ☝️☝️☝️☝️
What our artists want you to know :
  • Elisa Di Riccio
    Producer-musician at APOTEK
    Julien assisted me on my first album release, reaching a cumulated 30k Plays on Spotify and getting me into the recommendation algorithm!
  • Katherine Kostoff
    Singer-songwriter at Katherine Kostoff
    When I started working with Julien I had zero followers and not even a FaceBook account... You can check my numbers now, they speak for themselves. He really helped put me on the map and I will be forever grateful.
  • Eileen Carey
    Singer-songrwiter at Eileen Carey
    I'm glad I have worked for over 5 years with Julien, together we reached 30k likes on my Facebook page, a hundred thousand of streams on Spotify and he's helped me promoting shows too!
  • DJ Nika
    Producer/DJ at DJ Nika
    I worked with Julien on my last 3 singles and the results speak for themselves (hundred thousand streams, million views). Julien is a great listener and managed to channel my creativity, my ideas and to get the best out of my marketing budget.
Meet our team
  • Julia Saumande
    Creative Director / Branding
  • Dominic Edgley
    Music director / Engineer
  • Julien Saumande
    CEO / Marketing Manager 
  • Yana Sabanova
    Marketing Assistant
  • Tobi Köppen
    Marketing Manager
    Tobi Köppen
Phone: +4915778910432

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